Home Music Production: Getting Started - book by Stephan EarlHome Music Production: Getting Started

by Stephan Earl




Home Music Production: Getting Started is a complete “how-to” guide to set up your home recording studio, so you can create professional sounding music at home.

Creating professional sounding music at home has never been more possible. With the power of today’s computers and software, you can play, record and produce music “in the box” with only a few key purchases.

However, with the vast selection of music production hardware and software available on the market, it’s difficult to know what gear and software is right for you and your music production needs.

Home Music Production: Getting Started, provides you with clear and detailed information and suggestions to help you get your home recording studio setup and running without wasting money on items you won’t need.

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The Art of Expression: Photographic Art and Words by Stephan Earl - SearlStudio Publishing

The Art of Expression

Photographic Art and Words

by Stephan Earl




The Art of Expression: Photographic Art and Words is a a beautifully assembled collection of photographic images and digital paintings by musician and author Stephan Earl.

This collection of photographic artwork represents a selection of Stephan’s work created during an eight year period and inspired by a variety o source including his first love… music, and his travels during that period

The collection is summed into three categories: MUSIC, ECLECTIC and PHOTO.  Music images are inspired by Stephan’s love of Music and Jazz and include a variety of scenes and portraits inspired by this theme.  Eclectic images touch a wide variety of surreal photographic collages and digital paintings encompassing a wide variety of topics.  Photo  images are classic photographs taken from as far as South Beach, Chicago and Seattle, to Guatemala and Honduras.


Images within The Art of Expression: Photographic Art and Words by Stephan Earl all originated as photographs.  While no two images within this collection were created using exactly the same technique, many were created as a collage of various images, then digitally re-painted using a variety of digital mediums such as watercolor, oil, acrylic and painted on surfaces including wood, cloth and canvas.

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