Brand New Shoes

Pa' Paw Tales Brand New Shoes by William T. Holt

Pa’ Paw Tales: Brand New Shoes NEW at SearlStudio Publishing

 by William T. Holt

Illustrated by Casandra Ciocian


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What a mess!! Pa’ Paw is shocked when he walks into Thomas’s room to see all of his things scattered and raggedy.

How will Thomas learn to take care of his things?

Pa’ Paw uses the opportunity for a good lesson and makes a deal with Thomas to get him a pair of brand new shoes. But there’s a unique catch. Thomas has to do chores to buy the exact same pair of shoes.

Although unsure why, Thomas works hard to earn the money to buy the same pair of shoes that Pa’ Paw bought for him. When Thomas pays for his own shoes, the reality of the value of money hits home and little does he know what it will reveal about himself.

After a summer of fun and play, Pa’ Paw uses the new shoes to teach a valuable lesson about hard work – a lesson that Thomas will thankfully never forget.

Brand New Shoes is a heart-warming tale showing how the right mix of work and fun, and a bit of Pa’ Paw’s wisdom, can creatively teach core values that last a lifetime.

Pa'Paw Tales Children's Books by William T. Holt Part of the Pa’ Paw Tales series of children’s books by William T. Holt.

Product Details

Hardcover: 32 Pages

ISBN: 978-0988367074

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 x 0.4 inches

Publisher: SearlStudio Kids


About the Author

William T. Holt - Author of Pa' Paw Tales: Brand New ShoesPassionate about making a difference, William T. Holt strives to inspire readers to be creative, enjoy life and grow as world citizens, having fun along the way.  For years his focus and reward has been to positively impact the lives of others, whether mentoring groups through organizations or on a one-to-one basis.

A North Carolina native, William grew up in arguably one of the worst neighborhoods in the state.  Raised in a single parent home and the middle child of six siblings, his environment created a need for escape.  His grandfather, Pa’ Paw, came to the rescue through summer trips to the countryside where the Pa’ Paw Tales were born.

Although Pa’ Paw has been gone over 20 years, the lessons he taught William have been instrumental to his success as a businessman, an entrepreneur, a family man and a citizen of the world.

Pa’ Paw Tales is a series of children’s books that teach these “old school” core values to a new generation of children – with creativity and heart. Each story, based on true events, shows the fun of learning the wisdom of life’s greatest lessons through the walking examples we call parents and grandparents.

When William is not writing, this father of four children enjoys sports, arts, and spending time with his wife and family in the South Florida sunshine.